Fire Hazard Detection

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detection Systems

It may be hard to know what might become a fire hazard in your home. Whether it's a faulty gas line, bad wiring, or an old and dirty heating system, you can prepare and give your family the peace of mind from any potential fire hazard with proper smoke/carbon monoxide detector installation. Let our trusted carbon monoxide detector installer provide your family with the protection and security needed to keep your family safe year round. Call us today to schedule our carbon monoxide installation services!

Most Common Fire Hazards

- Electrical hazards i.e. "worn out"appliances, overloaded outlets, accidental user error, etc.
- Gas hazards i.e. open flame, "worn out" gas line, etc.
- Smoking-related hazards

Smoke vs. Carbon Monoxide

Unlike smoke which can be easily identified by color and odor, carbon monoxide is impossible to detect to the human senses. Given its odorless, colorless, and highly toxic nature, it is paramount that you have the most reliable system in place to detect it before it can wreak havoc on your health and home.

Our experienced technician can install both battery operated and wired detectors. So if you're looking a safer, more efficient, and code compliant option, trust our local professional to come and hard wire your detection system. Call 724-243-8588 today!